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    Tired of weeding through hundreds of "low-quality" unprofessional character demos, in hope of finding 2 or 3 talent for your project? Anyone with a check-book and a microphone can say they are a "voice talent" paying to be featured on a listing website. These are called pay-2-play websites in our industry. This is whereCartoon Actors.com co-created by United Voice Talent  and VoiceTOONS is quickly becoming the GO-TO site for hand-selected character voice actors. Our character voice casting solution is used by studio heads, animation teams, game developers, marketing executives, casting directors, schools, app delveopers, tv and radio spot producers and more. As a client you'll enjoy access to a QUALITY showcase of "Pre-Approved" adult and child voice actors from across the entertainment industry. Our Non-Union character voice actor showcase is NOT open to just any talent willing to pay-2-play with a subscription fee. All of our character actors are professionals. You can select our Private Full Free Casting option, or you can manually select character voices within each showcase. Eitherway we work with you "one-on-one" from the pre-casting phase, to recording and delvery of final tracks. See with Cartoon Actors it is about QUALITY of voice talent, NOT the quantity. Have a listen and you'll soon agree. Less is more.

  • Our Character Voice Over Casting Process

    You can manually review all character actors within each showcase, or have us cast all talent and review auditions supplied from our FREE client full casting option. You decide which adult male, adult female,  youth girl or  youth boy  voice talent will be right for your pilot, cartoon, toy, animation, game, audiobook, elearning tool, app, or cartoon. Again you can find talent manually in each showcase, OR request a FULL VOICE CASTING FREE. Once you choose a voice talent, we contract the artist(s), schedule and direct the recording session using your supplied script and project material. We can even allow you to be part of the recording session by "phone patch". Upon completion of the voice over recording, we deliver your voice overs fully EDITED and ready to use. Most content buyout and a optional wildcard rate is available for national, syndication, and/or cartoon projects.

  • Benefits Using Cartoon Actors Are Many

    Using our voice casting website featuring the best cartoon actors and character voice over talent in the industry today for your project, has many benefits. Unlike a hand-full of "pay-2-play" or "click-per-cast" do it yourself websites on the internet today, Cartoon Actors.com offers numerious advantages. We are a CUSTOM personalized animation, gaming and cartoon character voice over casting service. Here are the primary benefits working with Cartoon Actors.com. 1) Our character actors MUST adhere to very strict creative guideline, established by United Voice Talent casting director and veteran voice actor Anthony Reece. 2) Every character actor MUST have 24/7 access to a "high-quality" voice over studio and deliver professional, noise free, clean recordings if not recorded in-house. 3) Every character voice talent MUST have experience and references proving excellence in service. 4) Every cartoon actor MUST be willing to work within our varied budgets and offer free auditions if required. 5) Every character voice over talent MUST be available to record character voice tracks and clips within 48 hours of a clients request.  With this in mind, rest assured you're in great hands and will enjoy pre-qualified character voices from across the cartoon and gaming industry .