Cartoon Actors - Become a Featured Character Voice Talent

  • Want to Become a Featured Cartoon Voice Actor?

    This is Cartoon Actors, a sister character voice casting service from VoiceTOONS and United Voice Talent. We are always willing to consider "experienced" adult and child character voice actors offering both original character voices and celebrity sound-a-like impressions. We welcome demo submissions, however to be considered for our roster you MUST fully reflect our strict talent criteria. You MUST have fully produced demos, and meet our requirements below. We are VERY selective when accepting talent. You MUST be willing to work within a FLAT HOURLY or PER MINUTE scale.

  • Requirements to Become a Cartoon Actors Talent!

    1) You MUST have a professional quality home recording studio and deliver noise free tracks.
    2) You MUST have a professional voice over demo and a high-quality studio microphone.
    3) You MUST be able to record, edit and send your files in high quality mp3.
    4) You MUST have a working email and deliver your tracks when hired within 48-hours.
    5) You MUST work within our FLAT hourly, and/or per finished minute model rates per project.
    6) You MUST be willing to accept our studio and client payment terms of 10-day net and offer a free round of limited recuts.

NOTE: If you fit this criteria, are willing to accept our hourly / per finished minute rates feel free to submit our form.
If we are interested in your voice, our director will contact you in person by telephone, or email acceptance.
Thank you and we look forward to hearing your demo soon.