Stu Kellogg

El Paso, TX 79932, United States
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   Cast Stu Kellogg – $200.00 (up to 2 finished minutes)


As a character voice talent, I’ve been doing character voice overs since I was in High School. Back then it was mostly for the radio work I was doing, but eventually,

I got some outside work and I started my own advertising business in 1987. Besides strait hard, soft or medium sell spots, I do quite a few character voices and impressions.

Although some of my character voice overs are in my demo, I have over the years been asked to make up a strange voice or two for a client to use.

You won’t know unless you ask. Also did TV hosting, PBS mostly, and was the puppeteer for a local children’s show. I was all the characters.


Sex/Age Group Adult Male
1st 2 Minute Flat Rate $200
2nd 2 Minute Flat Rate $150
3rd 2 Minute Flat Rate $150
National Broadcast 2 Minute Rate (no cartoons) US $700
Studio Type Home
Offers Phone Patch No
Accepts Coupons No
Affilitations Non-Union
Country United States of America
State/Province Texas
Distance: 5,543 Miles
Address El Paso, TX 79932, United States
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