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Flat 2 Minute Rates – Effective April 2018 – READ!

April 11, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ director,Latest News

Hello Approved Cartoon Actors Voice Talent,

In 2014 when Cartoon Actors was born, my intent was to allow clients and prospects the ability to have a “ALTERNATIVE MODEL” for casting character voice talent, verses the typical P2P’s and piece work voice over click-to-cast sites as the time. Since then our industry has exploded..

As a talent showcased on Cartoon Actors, you know this program offers our pre-approved, hand-picked talent by myself, the ability to pick from several rates at sign-up for “Up to 2-Minutes of Character Dialogue”.

Most of you know, I too have a profile on CA as a character voice talent, thus it is in my own best interest to assure this site succeeds further, verses merely facilitating the voice sessions and talent for my own private clients, and direct public prospects finding and using the site.

After speaking to and polling my dB of prospects and clients, it s clear the most shared feedback was; “voice talent rates being too far apart” and “difficulty casting multiple talent with such different rates” within our budgets.

Keep in mind, cartoons, games and animations require multiple talent, verses one or two typically hired in broadcasting, and narration, etc. Animated projects have multiple roles with varied amounts of dialogue per role. Thus our model has negative consequences as it is today.

For this reason and to improve our model’s “niche” in the industry effective today our model will offer voice talent (3) three NEW flat rate options within each 2-minute level or tier.

These being selection for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2-minute flat rate for character voice services up to 6 total minutes. We will also offer a new national 2-minute flat rate for BROADCASTING but excludes use in SYNDICATED CARTOONS. As you know few roles have more than 6 minutes of total added dialogue unless a feature film, or syndicated series of which is NOT covered as part of our model

* New approved talent, and ALL existing talent featured will need to access their account and update their rates selecting from 3 options for each of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd minute rate levels.

Similar to our sister site United Voice Talent started in 2014 which is a flat HOURLY model for voice overs, I will slightly adjust the CA business model to make the concept more competitive, offering clients a closer “2 minute rate per talent”. This change is a must at CA.

Note: Many of you will actually benefit from this rate change, while a few will see their rate options lower to be more competitive as a non-union talent – 2 minute flat rate program.

I hope you will remain with our unique program, and understand my strategy is to gain further business within a very competitive casting marketplace. My business feeling is this will enhance the number of full castings and benefit all talent being closer in scale, making it easier for prospects to select and cast talent based on ability NOT rate.

That model is not what CA is all about. We are about great talent NOT our talent’s bid, or rate.

You MUST login and update your listing and select your rate for each of the 3 levels now.

Please Click Here to Login and Update Your New Rates!