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Jay North

  Cast Jay North – $250.00 (up to 2 minutes of voice over)   North Voice Over Seattle. Inc. Don’t compromise on your visions and dreams; we take the voice you hear in your head and put it into the mind of your audience. Our talent is excellent at taking direction as well as implementing feedback. Jay North has been an entertainer since the early 80’s with a variety of, comedy, TV voice over, stage and intimate live performances. Jay has worked with his voice extensively and h

Jon Ciano

  Cast Jon Ciano – $250.00 (up to 2 finished minutes)   Jon has been a consummate professional in business, managing relationships, for years and it reflects in his voice over work as a professionally trained voice actor. That, combined with his on-stage performance and classically trained singing background, make the perfect storm. His voice ranges from informative, professional and polished to friendly, conversational and youthful. These ranges even include character voices in vary

Lauren Synger

   Cast Lauren Synger – $250.00 (up to 2 finished minutes)   Since 1999 character voice talent Lauren Synger, owner and founder/CEO of Synger Productions, has been a professional voice-over artist. Lauren is a classically trained vocalist and actress who delivers ovation-worthy results. Lauren Synger has voiced hundreds of acclaimed/ award-winning audio projects, including her most recent work as the spoken and sung voices for Alice Angel in Bendy and the Ink Machine. Synger is also

Terrell Grayson

   Cast Terrell Grayson – $250.00 (up to 2 finished minutes)   Terrell is a trained character voice talent and actor, and developing filmmaker from the well-known Pittsburgh Filmmakers School of Film and Digital Media. He is from Atlanta, Georgia and has worked with Maxwell Sound Studios, The Tyler Perry Company, ASJ Productions, and Gotham On Stage Productions. Early in his acting career, he was fortunate to have taken part in the production of the movies: “Drum Line” and “Ro

Rob Pierce

   Cast Rob Pierce – $200.00 (up to 2 finished minutes)   Naturally talented cartoon/animation character voice talent, and voice actor, with training and instruction by George McGrath. Specialties include dynamic, dark and edgy characters of the villainous type derived from years of watching various anime, adult swim (cartoon network), Pixar, Dreamworks animation and the original Disney animations (hand drawn). Recent graduate with AFA-Acting Degree through New York Film Academy Los

Nathan Puls

  Cast Nathan Puls – $100.00 (up to 2 finished minutes)   Character Voice Talent and Voice Over Artist since 2010. Have done voice over for Apple, Ziploc, and Disney among others. Can do commercial and animation styles. Also have experience with improvisation and acting. Improv since 2008. USA, LLC