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Gregory Blarr

Cast Greg Blarr- $200.00 (Up to 2 finished minutes)   Greg is an experienced voice pro with great range, able to translate stage character acting experience into strong voiceover characters. Local friendly voice of authority employed by banks, health care, Catholic Diocese and more. Proud to be the Hallmark® Santa on Keepsake Ornaments since 2010. Can be found channeling Mel Blanc in the classrooms of Warner Brothers and Pixar. Favorite voice characterizations are Orson Welles and Sean Co

Phil Jones

   Cast Phil Jones – $150.00 (up to 2 finished minutes)   I have always been fascinated with the “voices” behind cartoon characters, radio and TV commercials and film documentaries. My passion for character voice overs, prompted me to study to be a voice-over artist at SUCH-A-VOICE. I have been a professional voice-over artist for 3 years. I project a naturally warm, upbeat, friendly, and sincere voice. HOWEVER, my versatility allows me to display my sometimes silly and

Scott Burns

   Cast Scott Burns – $250.00 (up to 2 finished minutes)   I provided the first “Speaking” voice of Bowser starting with Super Mario Sunshine in 2002 and have enjoyed working with Nintendo on many other releases, including Splatoon, Starfox: Assault, Spyfox: Dry Cereal and many more. Other interactive game work includes Tron 2.0, Blood Two: The Chosen, TERA, Devils Attorney, Project Origin, Altered (in development) and multiple titles for Putt Putt from Humongous. As a c