Cartoon Actors Application and Talent Requirements


Do You Want to Become a Featured Talent on Cartoon Actors? This is Cartoon Actors, a sister character voice casting service from VoiceTOONS and United Voice Talent.

We are always willing to consider “experienced” adult and child character voice actors offering both original character voices and celebrity sound-a-like impressions.

We welcome character voice demo submissions and new voice talent applications, however to be considered for our roster you MUST fully reflect our strict talent criteria.

  • EFFECTIVE Aug 1st 2018: We now require a “one-time” yearly fee of at least $19.95 after and IF approved!
  • You MUST have fully produced “character voice demos” and meet all the talent requirements below.

Know in advance, we are selective when accepting our talent. You MUST be willing to work within a “per minute rate” after your initial “two minute rate” as a voice talent ranging from $100 to $350 per 2 minute block of finished edited voice over content. This is NOT per hour but per finished minute of final dialogue.


  • Requirements to Be Accepted as a Cartoon Actors Voice Talent!

1) Talent MUST have a professional quality home recording studio and deliver noise free tracks.
2) Talent MUST have a professional character voice over demo and a high-quality studio microphone.
3) Talent MUST be able to record, edit and send your files in high quality mp3.
4) Talent MUST have a working email and deliver your tracks when hired within 48-hours.
5) Talent MUST work at a flat “finished minute” rate and select their won first “two minute” flat rate.
6) Talent MUST accept our studio payment terms of 7 – 10-day net, and offer free limited re-cuts.
7) Talent MUST accept in some cases we charge a casting fee to the client and retain 20% of ALL talent fees.


  • 3 Options to be part of Cartoon Actors and VoiceTOONS Showcase:
  1. (FREE CASTING EMAILS ONLY) If you only want to be added to our free public casting email list, add your name on right side of this page.
  2. (MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION) If you are NOT sure you fit this criteria, but want to be considered for our character voice program, submit the form below. We will reply by email after a review of your app.
  3. (FULL SITE REGISTRATION) If you feel you DO have experience, character demos and ARE a professional candidate for our program, go directly to our pre-registration page and complete registration.


We look forward to reviewing you and hearing your demos soon!

-no spaces or dashes
- your voice genre sex
- your age group
-actual time working as a talent
-path to your character demo 1 online
-path to your character demo 2 online
- if we have questions time to reach you USA, LLC